Can I get an autograph from Sebastián? Sure - just click here.
Why can't I play the MP3 clips? Everything is set up in a way that, if you have one of the current browsers and a properly installed plug-in MP3 player (and a sound card with speakers or headphones, obviously) the clips will play back fully automatically. Please check your software and/or hardware setup. If the problem persists, you can send us an eMail.
Deutsch? Italiano? Português? Etc.?
For us, a trilingual website is enough of a challenge already, really .. But you are welcome to contact us in your mother tongue - we'll do our best to understand and reply to all mails we get.
Where can I get Sebastián's recordings? Finally, the albums Latino and Corpus are available for mail order through our SHOP. The single 'Keep On Singing' will become available for free download as MP3 as of September 24, 2009. For other records & CDs you'll have to try your luck on the second hand market. To be informed about new releases, subscribe to the NEWSLETTER and you'll be the first to hear.
Why haven't I heard of Sebastián before? For one, Sebastián was very much an artists' artist (most of whom still speak with great admiration and love about him). And for another, he simply didn't live long enough to get the chance to pick the fruits of his talents and his labour.
Are there links available for some of the artists Sebastián has worked with? Yes, and the list is still growing - just go to the WHO IS WHO.
Are there any unreleased recordings lying around some place? Yes, quite a few of them. Enough to fill a third album. In fact, a CD titled as 'Untitled' with some 15 songs circulates in the inner circle. And yes, we are working on it. From those songs we plan to publish the lyrics, recording data and of course short MP3 clips on this site before the end of September 2009. Subscribe to the NEWSLETTER and you'll be the first to hear about it.
What musical training did Sebastian have?
It will all be in the biography, very soon. Please be patient a tiny little bit longer!
What happened to the 'oops'page that was so dominantly present during the first year of this site's life?
It's one of our favorites too - just click here!
Can you give me ................'s eMail address?
No. And we won't forward your mails either - unless you come up with a really very, very good story ..
Can you answer my question, that is not listed here?
Of course, we'll be happy to try. Just send your question(s) by eMail or leave a message in the GUESTBOOK. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. If your question is relevant for other people as well, we'll be happy to add it to this FAQ.e FAQ.


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