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Still to be added are   Gilles ABRAVANA (Latino, the Husbands) - Isabelle ADJANI (France) - Haydé ARDALAN (Corpus) - Rod ARGENT (Zombies) - Paul ATKINSON (Zombies) - Antoine AUBERSON (Latino, Notas) - Pascal AUBERSON (Notas) - Hughes AUFRAY (France) - Michel BASTET (Piano Seven) - Gustavo BERNASCONI (Corpus) - Luc BONGARD (Corpus) - David BRONZE (Latino, Corpus) - Séverine BULA (Latino, Corpus) - Cristián CÁCERES (Latino) - CANDY (the dog) - Jean-Pierre CASTELAIN (France) - Martin CHABLOZ (Corpus) - Christian COIGNY (Photographe) - Francie CONWAY - Chris 'Snake' DAVIES (Latino, the Husbands, Corpus) - Yves DELAUNAY (Corpus) - Jacques DEMIERRE (Piano Seven) - Mathias DEMOULIN (Latino, the Husbands) - Christian DENISART (Corpus) - Henry DÈS (France) - Marcelo GIULIANI (Latino, Corpus) - Hugh GRUNDY (Zombies) - Marc LAMBELET (Corpus) - Christophe LAMBERT (France) - Thierry LANG (Piano Seven) - Catherine LARA (France) - Claude LAUZANNA (Notas) - Bernard LAVILLIERS (France) - Viktor LAZLO (France) - Lee MADDEFORD (Piano Seven, various songs) - Jeanne MAS (France) - David MATTACKS (Latino, Corpus) - Philippe MERCIER (Studio Prism) - Khadja NIN (France) - Claude NOBS (Zombies, Montreux Festival) - Claude NOUGARO (France) - Daniel PERRIN (Piano Seven, Latino, the Husbands) - Nicolas PEYRAC (France) - Tim RENWICK (Latino, Corpus) - Olivier ROGG (Piano Seven?) - Santiago Santa María - Luis SARTEN (Latino) - Jacques SAX (Corpus) - Marc STURLER (Corpus) - Alex THEUS (Piano Seven) - Manuela VALLELIAN (Sebastián) - John Verity - Claude VOIT (Latino) - John WOOLLOFF (Notas, Latino, Corpus) - the ARGENTINES of Palud Square (Corpus) - Les ESCALIERS du Marché: Aline, Julie, Charlotte, Jeremy, Lucien (Corpus) - co-operators of PIANOSANTAMARIA.com  and so many more that we simply cannot avoid to forget some names. Please help us by sending us your additions by eMAIL - thanks! 
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Raúl ALIAGA (?, Chile, 19??) percussionist and drummer. Percussionist of several Chilean bands and solo artists like Congreso, Fulano, Trifusión and his new project Globalevasión, among others. Was elected to best percussionist of the 90's and won the 2006 Altazor price for best Chilean musician. Played on many of Sebastián's solo recordings. Visit his website.
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Colin BLUNSTONE (Hatfield, United Kingdom, 1945) singer. Had several worldwide hits with The Zombies, The Alan Parsons Project and as a solo artist. Played with Sebastián on the Zombies' album 'The return of The Zombies / New world' and on his 'Greatest hits' album. Avid fan of Sebastián's music and talent as a musician, composer, poet and arranger. Now touring the world with the new incarnation of The Zombies. Visit his website.
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Cecilia ECHENIQUE (?, Chile, 19??) singer. Very famous in her home country Chile. Her website tells that the last songs Sebastián ever wrote, he wrote for her.
Ernesto HOLMAN (?, Chile, 19??) bass player. World class bass (double bass, electric and freetless bass) and cello player, best known for his works with Congreso in the 1980's. Also a builder and player of percussion instruments. Now involved in a project to revive original Chilean culture through the exploration of Mapuche's music. Played on many of Sebastián's solo recordings. Visit his website.
Erdal KIZILÇAY (?, Turkey, 19??) Switzerland based multi-instrumentalist. Bass player with David Bowie. Old and loyal friend of Sebastián and his companion Manu. Played with Sebastián in the Lausanne-based jazz-rock group Notas from about 1979, and later in Sebastián's backing group at the 1984 Montreux Festival. See his website 1 & website 2.
Betty LEGLER (?, Switzerland, 1961) singer. Did numerous backing vocals for Sebastián. More about Betty and her musical projects on her website 1 & website 2.
François LINDEMANN (Lausanne, Switzerland, 1950) jazz pianist and componist. Fellow musician and longtime close friend of Sebastián, with whom he founded Piano-Duo in 1981 and later, in 1986, Piano Seven, a group with 7(!) Steinway grands, that is still touring the world. More about François and his various musical projects on his personal website & on the Piano Seven website.
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Chris WHITE (London, United Kingdom, 1943) bass player and songwriter for The Zombies, songwriter for Argent. Fellow musician and longtime close friend (even named 'alter ego') of Sebastián, whom he asked to replace Rod ARGENT as keyboard player when The Zombies reformed in 1990. Now a music producer, see his website.
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