They went to the church the 9th of the 9
It was all very fine
They were in love, they looked so happy
Barcelona cousins were all there
And he looked so cute, dressed with that suit

After a while they found a flat
She was so glad
Oh they were just about 20
But each of them got a car
Her's was green and his was blue

We all are rock & sands ..

She was soon a lady living with lies
Living in style
With her blond hair she looked so lovely
«It doesn't matter where you have been»
She was lucky enough to not realize never be wise
To never face that she was lonely
You know movies were the closest thing to reality
that she'd ever seen

We all are rock & sands ..

She wasn't happy with him
But what the hell, there was the ring
And she sticks to it
And to that something that it should bring
She wasn't happy when they made love
But she got used to, like wearing a glove
And she tries her best
To forget about the rest
You know there's no one really good or bad
Just some who are really sad
And you must understand
We are all a bit of rock & sand

We all are rock & sands ..

written by
music and lyrics: Sebastián Santa María
COPYRIGHT © 2006-2009