Lift your hands to the sun light
Lift your hearts to the moon
Things can only get better now
After all we've been through
These 2 'Corpus' versions of 'Lift Your Hands' are parts of the complete, original version. There is a long version, of which these parts 1 and 2 are just the intro and the coda. The unpublished part seems familiar to the rhythms and sounds of the more poppy themes of Genesis in the late '80ies. (as)

Itís interesting that 'Lift your hands', in its three parts, constitutes a kind of exception in the works of Sebastián -especially in the works of his last years- for the strongly optimistic content of its lyrics: 'Things can only get better now', the shouts of joy at the end of Part 1, the laughs and applause at the end of the inedit part, the rhythm of Part 2, etc. It might be a kind of spiritual shout towards himself at some difficult moment. (as)

written by
music and lyrics: Sebastián Santa María
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