HOPE / OJALÁ (1988)

About this 7", 45rpm single:
produced by Sebastián Santa María - mixed by John Gallon - published by Editions Island Panache - 1988 Island Records Ltd - distributed by BMG Records - printed in Germany by TOPAC

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This Video was recorded in 1989 Chile: in Valparaíso at the seafront and in Mallarauco just West of Santiago, where the Santa María family owns a country house and where Sebastián is buried. Some other details of the video:
- at 0:48, Sebastián's mother, Blanca Pérez Walker (1920.08.11-2005.08.12) in Mallarauco
- at 2:31, a subliminal message, the graffity on the wall says: 'PIN8 ÁNDATE A LA CHUCHA ¿YA?' meaning: 'PINOCHET GO TO THE SHIT, OK?'
- at 2:57, Sebastián's nephew José Tomás, at the age of 6, eating an apple in Mallarauco; Sebastián used to horse around with him, for his 'chinese' eyes and because, according to Sebastián, José Tomás had the merit of being the only 'fat Santa María'. (as)