September 24, 1959  -  October 20, 1996

October 20, 2006: this day is the 10th anniversary of the death of Sebastián Santa María. A good reason to finally present, the official Sebastián Santa Maria website, to the world of music. In the test version of this website it said, paraphrasing Sebastián's song 'It's About':
... and It's About time someone starts to work on writing the biography of Sebastián Santa María, the Chilean-Swiss music & piano genius who is not very widely known. Some may have heard about him through his time with the English band The Zombies. With them, replacing founding member Rod Argent, he recorded the 1991 album 'Return of The Zombies', that first was released in Germany; later, it came out in the UK as well, with some track changes, as 'New World'.
But Sebastián Santa María was much more than just the second Zombies' keyboard player. To quote The Zombies' lead singer Colin Blunstone: "He was a world class piano player !"  Not only in rock: he was a skilled classical player, who also had a great love for all kinds of music. In Switzerland he reached first local fame as a bar pianist in Lausanne clubs. He then moved on to jazz-rock with the band 'Notas' and to jazz with his friend François Lindemann, with whom he formed 'Piano Duo' and later 'Piano Seven'. Further, he was responsible for the reboost of the careers of the French singers Catherine Lara and Bernard Lavilliers. His own career ended far too early: while recording his first solo album 'Latino', Sebastián was diagnosed with AdrenoLeukoDistrophy (ALD). He died in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the 20th of October, 1996. His second album 'Corpus' (from which the song 'It's about' is the first track) was released posthumously.

This site wants to present you with everything there is to know, to hear, to see and to read about Sebastián. But given the fact it's just starting off, there still is a lot to do. So please forgive us for a link that's not working the way it should, or a page that is incomplete: we are really working hard on it ! kw

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