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Welcome to the world of ETHNOLUTION
Ethnolution is formed by three professional musicians, belonging to three different nationalities, as a performance with the influences of traditional rhythms and the electronic sound world. Therefore our Luxembourg singer and all-round musician Brave completes us with several instruments like didgeridoos in different tunes and old African and Indian percussions. The German bass-player  Mike SCHUH, a virtuoso with a lot of experience of different styles in the music world, uses 4, 5, 6, 8 string basses with effects, but also fretless, piccolo and upright bass. And last not least our French-Croatian Tom Martin has taken his influences and experiences of a long time in Paris to create special electronic sounds and rhythms with electro-percussions, modern but also oriental and traditional.
Ethnolution is a very special and abnormal mixture between historical and modern moments; it's a challenge to listen or to dance.
Ethnolution is used to play as main act on festivals but also in the context of exhibitions or special events for example in embassies etc., all over the world.
Click here to listen "Sur le Tapis"
Click alos here to listen to "Climbing the cliffs"

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