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In our society chaos stands for disorder and makes us feel uneasy and anxious, but according to Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, professor for Zen-Buddhism, chaos cannot be measured with our senses. He says nature is chaotic in the way of being a reservoir of infinite possibilities and the consciousness (= RE in the band's understanding) which has developed out of this chaos is something superficial touching reality just at the edge. Our consciousness is nothing more than an unimportant island floating in an ocean, which surrounds the world. However, this tiny piece of land allows us to have a look at the infinite width of unconsciousness itself.
For us, the CHAOS IN RE-band, RE is just the starting line of our communication. Chaos is our flowing together, our world of music, which is unexplainable for us.
We often can't find this flowing together in our today's society, but music brings it to us.
We came to know each other years ago, but we started making music together in 1999 only. Different characters, different ideas and different styles of music: CHAOS AM RE is a mixture of all this.
In our band you won't only find basic instruments for rock'n'roll, but also mystic sounds of didgeridoo, Celtic atmosphere of accordion, archaic rhythm of djembe or even Latin-American flair of conga, bongo, a.s.o. The heart of this music is experimental, driven-fluid-rock.
jerom: drums and vocals
phil1p: bass, vocals, percussion and programming
brave: mbc, vocals, percussion, guitars, trombone and didge
j.j. thierry: accordion and lead guitar
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